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VISION or the EYE as an incredible source of information


It is the transparent part of the outer surface, which covers the pupil and iris. The cornea is also the first and strongest lens of the optical system. Together with the anterior and posterior surface of the lens it creates a sharp image on the retina. Constant moisture is a prerequisite for its transparency.EN/2 en


The 4 mm thick organ is suspended from the ciliary body. The lens is a transparent “accommodator” with a biconvex structure. It works as a light refractor so that a sharp image can be formed on the retina, thereby helping to see accurately.


With the help of two muscle systems independent of our will, its size can change and thus regulate the amount of light passing into the eye. A change in pupil size can occur from the effect of lighting conditions (bright light causes it to contract) as well as intense emotions.


It consists of nerves and nerve endings in the form of rods and cones (photoreceptors). Rods can react to very dim light, but do not distinguish colours. Cones respond only to strong sources of light but support the perception of colour. The retina receives images seen through your eye and transmits them through the optic nerve to your brain.

HUMAN VISION or the EYE as an incredible source of information

Vision is our most important sense,, thanks to which we receive up to 80% of our information from the external environment. The actual organ that ensures vision is the eye. Eyes mediate information to us from a zone of visible light of 400 nm (violet light) to 700 nm (red light). The eye itself is a very complex and perfectly functioning “machine”, thanks to which we can perceive the world around us but it takes only a minor injury to the eye, or a part of it and our vision can worsen or even be entirely lost. Therefore, we should realize that we only have one set of eyes and hence the need for us to be particularly careful.


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